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Urdu Language Course

Urdu Language Course

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, and informal Urdu has been widely spoken in India’s states. It is an Indo-European language that has effects from other languages like Arabic, Sanskrit, Turkish, and Persian. Generally written with the Arabic Alphabet, almost sixty million people are currently speaking Urdu in Pakistan and India. The total statistics prove it to be the fourth most spoken language in the world. It allows you to converse easily with the people living in South Asia and understand the artworks and masterpieces like Urdu Poetry and Bollywood movies that people love watching. It is the language of uncountable literary works that range from prose and poetry to literature and philosophy. So, if you want to grasp all the knowledge about the subcontinent in its original language or you’re shifting to a South Asian country, then it is recommended to take up an Urdu language course first.

How can you benefit from an introductory Urdu Language Course?

To understand and grasp all the little details about the language, you need to enroll in a course for learning the Urdu Language. You’d find no website better than because we care about the customer like no one else.

It will help during traveling.

Are you traveling to any of the South Asian countries? If yes, then instead of learning any regional languages, you can opt for Urdu. Most of the people there are Urdu speaking, and it would erase your language barrier, providing you with a comfortable tour. Who doesn’t need help from the locals while traveling? Well, it won’t be an issue anymore because after taking up this course, you’ll be able to consult them fluently with utter ease.

It will help you at work.

Are you being assigned a better Position at work in Pakistan or India? Are you worried about the language? It’s not an issue anymore because, at, you will be able to learn a language in less than seven days if you want to. We have various courses designed according to the needs and requirements of our students. Once you’re done with the course, you can enter Pakistan freely and comfortably.

Assist you while reading and watching shows

If you’re a reading enthusiast, then it impossible for you to miss out the Urdu literature. It will also help you while watching Urdu and Hindi movies because informal Urdu is very much similar to Hindi. Therefore, it can make your leisure time much more exciting and fun.

Keep your brain healthy.

Suppose you have a mother tongue other than Urdu. In that case, learning the Urdu language will boost your brain’s development because it has been scientifically proven that multi-lingual tend to have stronger and healthier brains than ordinary people. Also, it has been found that people who learn different languages over some time will have the least chances of developing Alzheimer’s and Dementia in later life. Therefore, to learn the Urdu language, you only need to spend an hour daily. You must have an excellent running internet network and a working laptop. We will provide you daily lessons, and you’ll be given a home task too. After completing that task, you’ll submit it to us, and we’ll mark you based on your work. Also, we have different types of Urdu language courses for students with various needs. You can either opt for an introductory Urdu course or an advanced Urdu course, a business Urdu course, or any other one. It all depends upon your choice. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself Today!