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German Language Course

German Language Course

Along with English and French, German is also a working language of the European Union (EU). Therefore, it becomes the second most important and spoken language in Europe. In this English-speaking world, German is the third-most taught foreign language to students. It gives you a hundred million more people to converse to. So, are you willing to learn it?

It offers excellent opportunities to study in German universities that are classified amongst international institutions. Therefore, to study in a German school, you must know their native language. This is one of the reasons why this language is called a gateway to a world-class education.

Languagequest is offering different types of courses for students staying in any part of the world. You can choose your favorite or preferred kind, of course, according to your eligibility. We believe in giving our students complete comfort in learning. Our teaching approach will boost their interest in this foreign language, and they’ll wish to learn more about it. Our online services will allow you to attend classes in any part of the world.

Following is a list of courses offered by Languagesquest for learning the German Language:

German Language for Kids

Children between the ages of 3 to 8 learn languages faster than older ones. So, if you want your child to master the art of speaking a foreign language, you must get him enrolled in an online course to learn the German language. Learning a second language in the early years also promotes brain development and other general learning skills. It might make your child more interested in German culture too. We will make your


We teach the German language according to CEF’s levels (Common European Framework) for language learning. This framework puts various levels forwards. Level A1 for beginners will teach to use basic German phrases in everyday life. You will be able to use everyday expressions and also introduce yourself to others. Therefore, at this level, you’ll be prepared to interact with others directly.


In this level, you’ll be taught basic German knowledge as you will now readily understand German sentences and frequently used expressions related to family, shopping, employment, etc. Therefore, you can now converse in simple terms to express your needs and requirements.


It can be considered a pre-intermediate level because it will clear the main points of this language, and you’ll be able to talk about matters related to work and school. You will now be experienced enough to converse with any such people during traveling too. At this stage, you’ll be ready to apply for the Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD) exam.

B2 In this level, you’ll learn to talk about a complex topic such as discussions related to your field of specialization. You can now produce detailed texts on various subjects and explain your point of view about that subject too. You will now be educated enough to apply for a Zertifikat Deutsch fur den Beruf (ZD Beruf) and Zentrale Mittelstufenprufung (ZMP) exam.


It is an upper-intermediate level, and you can now fluently express yourself without searching about a particular topic. You can now use the German language for academic, social, and professional purposes.


When you reach an advanced level, you are now experienced enough to read and hear everything in the German language. You can also translate other languages into the German language now. We hope that now you have a clear idea about what and how we intend to teach the German language to all types of students from all around the world. You can also enjoy a seven days free trial for learning the German Language at Languagesquest.