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Italian Language Course

Italian Language Course

Learning a new language comes with a plethora of long-lasting benefits. It is a scientifically proven fact that learning a foreign language sharpens the muscular tendency of the learner’s brain. Thus the brain develops a much stronger resistance and shields towards brain diseases. Science also proves that learning a new language makes the learner develop a better command over his native language. Apart from these, there are many more scientific advantages of learning a language. Therefore, if you are thinking of learning and building a command over an entirely new language, then without any delay, go for it. But at this point arises the most confusing question that every curious language learner asks himself, that is, which language should I learn? Well, the world is full of thousands of excellent languages that are rich with culture and fantastic vocabulary. But some languages are globally famous for their beautiful expressions and romantic dialect and Italian tops the list.

Why should you learn the Italian language?

This article will guide you towards your goal if you are planning to learn the beautiful Italian language. Italian holds the position of being among the top languages that are widely spoken and studied in the prestigious universities of the US. Italian is popular due to its rich culture, traditions, literature, and history. This exceptionally beautiful language serves as the official language in Switzerland, Vatican City, and Italy. Educational scholars and professors are now starting to include the Italian language as a part of the compulsory course in many colleges and universities.

Where should you learn the Italian language?

Just one Google search and you will find hundreds of websites offering language courses. It is exactly where the confusion begins for a language learner. But we are here to save you from any such confusion. You don’t need to search any further as we are here to offer you a wonderful and trustworthy platform for learning the Italian language. At the language quest, you can easily set up your schedule for learning Italian. Languagesquest offers you a customized language course set-up that you can choose according to your convenience. You can also arrange an online learning session with our expert educational language professors whenever you want.

What are the steps/levels of learning Italian?

There are several levels as well as courses that language quest offers its users. The levels offered are beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level. Moreover, different courses offered are business courses, conversation courses, and kid’s courses.

Let’s discuss each of them briefly:

Conversation Course

By opting for this course, the language quest will prepare you for an easy and fluent conversational Italian. By attending this course, you will be able to speak Italian in your day-to-day conversation. This course comes with three learning levels:

Beginner Level

In this beginner’s level, you will be able to build a strong foundation of grammar and vocabulary that will firmly hold the rest of your Italian learning. You will be exposed to Italian writings and alphabets. You will also do listening practices.

Intermediate Level

Once you have successfully cleared your beginning level, you will be advanced to the next level, that is, the intermediate level. In this level, you will be exposed to complex Italian sentences and conversations, which may include conditional sentences and models. You will now watch educational documentaries, movies, interviews, and podcasts to enhance your Italian listening skill.

Advanced Level

After clearing your Intermediate level, you will be able to attend an advanced level. Here you will be assigned essays to write on many complex topics like Patriotism, World Politics, etc.

Business Course

Need to have basic Italian command for your job or looking to make a successful business deal with an Italian client? Searching for a job in Rome? Well, then you need to get a command over business Italian. You must upgrade your Italian speaking to a more professional level. It has been researched that 14% of job advertisements mention a required skill of having command over business Italian for interested candidates. Business Italian is most useful in the HR and Financial sectors of companies. Thus, being aware of all the aforementioned needs, language quest offers business Italian courses for the learners.

Kids Course

Science has proved that a child’s mind is much quicker to absorb new information and learn new things as compared to an adult’s mind; thus, enrolling your child for a language course is an extremely smart move. Here at the language quest, kids will be provided with a fun way of learning Italian, which will include games, movies, and much more. We hope that after reading this article, you will be much convinced to choose a language quest as your favorite language tutor!