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Chinese Language Course

Chinese Language Course

Chinese is one of the most influential languages in the world, and hence, it has become essential to learn this language to get a lead in the international market. All the world markets are well associated with China; therefore, when you know their language, you ultimately increase your chances of getting a well-designated job. It is very much required for planning your future and interacting with any of the Chinese in a particular organization or workplace.

Do you know about HSK levels?

HSK stands for Hanyu Shuipping Test (Chinese Level Test). It is an exam that is conducted by China for testing your Chinese proficiency. All the non-native Chinese speakers are tested for this assessment. This test will help you understand where you stand while speaking Chinese in your daily life.

Why should you choose the languagesquest for learning Chinese?

We offer courses of different lengths depending upon your eligibility and requirement. There are six various levels of short courses ranging from (HSK 1) to (HSK 6). It mostly benefits those who want to become translators in the future or wish to teach the Chinese language to others or opt for any CPEC jobs.

Importance of Chinese in your Career

  • It adds flying colors to your resume.
  • You might excel in a competition for employment due to the ability to know Chinese.
  • Multinational companies hire those who are multi-lingual. Therefore, your chances increases.
  • China will have an integral role in world affairs in the upcoming time. Therefore your services might be needed.

What are you going to learn in this course?

You will be taught the basics of written and spoken Chinese, one of the six languages of the United Nations. We’ll show you the dialects of Chinese Language, the formation of written Chinese words and characters, and the Pinyin system of writing that transcribes Chinese sounds into Roman alphabets.

There are the following types of courses provided for students:

HSK Courses

Students will be taught about essential every day Chinese in this course. You’ll learn about Chinese greetings and the introduction of friends preceded by your talks about your friend and family. You will master to talk about your relatives in the Chinese language and that too in a conversational tone. Not only this, but you’ll be taught about Chinese numbers also. In further levels, you’ll learn how to ask a taxi to stop or tell them where to go. Hence, your grip on the Chinese language will continue to grow stronger as you will now be able to converse about various topics in this language.

Business Chinese Language

In the business Chinese course, you will learn about the general vocabulary and sentences used in the business and corporate Chinese world. You’ll be able to read business Chinese phrases and start speaking in that language too. You must take up this course if you’re willing to improve your business skills while being China because language is the core key in a foreign country. You will also be taught about fundamental aspects such as business reception that includes welcoming a guest, reserving a room in a hotel or resort, or changing currency in a foreign country. To perform such tasks, you must excel in Business Chinese Language.

Easy Chinese Course

In this course, you’ll learn to speak about who you are by introducing yourself and telling your complete biodata. You will also discuss your daily personal life as it will expose all the students to different situations. So, talk about your daily chores and learn to speakeasy Chinese in a few steps with languagesquest.

Translations Course

We offer different kinds of courses to making our bilingual friends much more professional. Such as by making them Chinese or English translators or interpreters in a well-known firm.