Do you want to excel in foreign languages? Languagequest has a lot to offer to all the students living all around the world.

English Language Course

English Language Course

English is the first most spoken languages in the world. Hence, the pressure of speaking English increases at every individual in living on this land. It is an international language and understood worldwide. People take courses to learn English for various purposes that can be personal or professional too. If you want to explore the world and get the most of it, then you should take up an English Language Course. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a native English speaker because we have a bunch of students like you. It’s your dedication and our hard work that will make this language look easier and fun for you.

Why should you take up an English language course?

  • It is the language for international communication.
  • Increases your chances of getting a job abroad or in a multinational company.
  • Exposes you to the happenings of the world on the internet.
  • It is the language of business.

Why should you take an online English Language course from the languagesquest?

Languagesquest has a lot to offer to its students. You can take any of our English language courses to improve your grammar and vocabulary. This will eventually help you compose sentences with a better structure, and you’ll have developed writing skills. Our online classes are interactive and fun, where students can interact with their fellow mates and teachers, and it will help polish their English speaking skills. We do not only believe in teaching a specific language but assisting you in expanding your social culture and boosting your career too. In the English language course, we have a lot of many sub courses to offer our students. Could you continue reading to know more about it?

General Academic English

General Academic English is a course for beginners who want to read and write in English. This course consists of a few units that must be studied well by the end of it. Following are these six units:

  • Art
  • Man and nature
  • Social issues
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Psychology
  • Economics and management

Once you’re done with this course, you’ll be skilled enough to read all the English language subjects and understand them well enough with your heart and mind. So, are you ready to get enrolled in a general academic English course with Languagequest? Let’s go!

Business English

If you intend to head to a foreign country and work in a multi-national company over there, you must take up a course in Business English. Improving your business, English grammar, and vocabulary will open great career opportunities for you. You’ll be practicing activities to boost your email writing skills, interview skills, and much more business-related expertise.

Conversation English skills

Do you want to become one of those fluent English speakers? You’re in the right place. This course will help you with conversations that should be made while meeting new people, conversing with people you know, conversing while eating out or in your home, reasons to learn English and discussions of your hobbies.

Learning the American accent

Do you want the same accent as your Native American friends? We will help you learn the original American accent with the help of your speaking and listening exercises, and you’ll soon learn to speak in a Native American dialect.

Learning the British accent

We let you watch videos that is the quickest way to learn the British accent. Your practice will make you perfect, and our professional teachers will help you solve all your queries by giving excellent tips and techniques.

Summer classes for kids

We offer online summer classes for young kids to learn the basics of the English Language. Get your child enrolled in this course, and see him get the best out of it.

IELTS Academic test preparation

IELTS is one of the most famous English language tests for people who wish to pursue their higher studies in an English country. We will guide you about the format and procedure of the IELTS test. Our multiple assignments and practice activities will help you ace your exam.

TOEFL test preparation

It is one of the world’s widely accepted English language tests. Millions of people have taken this test to study or working abroad. Organizations from the western world accept high TOEFL scores to accept your application.