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Student Policy

Student Policy


The student must come online 5 minutes before the lesson’s scheduled start. If a student is late by more than half the class period, the student will be considered to be absent.

Student Absences

The student should notify the support team at least 24 hours prior to the class. If the student is absent from any class for any reason (outside of an emergency such as illness, family death) without notifying students support team 24 hours prior to the absence, the class will be cancelled. If the student follows the 24 hours’ notice the missed class can be rescheduled.

Consecutive Abesence

If a student has stopped his study for three consecutive lessons, the administration will stop the course and inform the student immediately, and if he/she did not answer for a month, the student will not be able to complete his/her course until the renewal of the payment. Before the end of the number of hours paid in six hours, the administration will inform the student to renew payment. The course starts immediately after the payment confirmation.