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Persian Language Course

Persian Language Course

If you’re interested in learning the Persian language, you’ve landed on the perfect platform. It is one of the oldest and most famous speeches in the world. The ancient literature is rich in this language, and it reflects the vibrant Islamic and eastern culture. The history of the sub-continent has also been recorded and stored in this language. It remained the official language of the sub-continent for about eight centuries. The Urdu language received its foundation and basis from Persian too. Urdu speakers, who can read Persian, can very well observe that about fifty percent of the vocabulary has been borrowed from Persian.

Although there are many speakers of this language, it doesn’t get much exposure in recent times. Therefore, people think that no one speaks it today. It is the most influential and beautiful language as it opens the gateway to the unique and distinctive Middle Eastern cultures.

At, you will be taught about the importance of this language and how it can be learned today. At this platform, you’ll find numerous reasons that will intrigue your interest in the Persian language, and you will choose it for your next foreign language course.

What are the main reasons for learning the Persian Language?

Art, Culture, and Literature

The Persian language is rich in art, music, literature, poetry, and much more. The expression of the Persian culture over the centuries has delivered a lot of the famous philosophical literature and romantic poetry inscribed in any language. We have heard of big names like Rumi, Omar Khayyam, and Saadi; they were all great Persian writers and gained massive respect from the western world.

Minds driven by art love these great writers and they dream of reading their works. Learning the Persian language and then reading the literary works of these splendid writers in their original language will give them immense peace and fulfill their passion for the ancient art too.

Persian remains the same

Unlike English Language, Persian hasn’t changed a bit in its literary structure and form since ancient times. A modern Persian speaker can still understand and read the original and ancient texts that are centuries old. Therefore, history lovers would also love to learn this language to learn about the cultural history of the older days by reading its original texts instead of their translations.

How will the learning of Persian language benefit your vocabulary?

It might be alluring to ponder that learning an entirely new vocabulary will be a waste of time. Well, I guess you must think again! Taking up a course to learn Persian vocabulary will give you a boost to start learning other Middle Eastern languages.

Here, at, we offer various courses for different levels. For instance, if you only want to gain an insight about the language, you can opt for a beginner’s course. However, if you feel that your interest in the language is increasing with each passing day, you can keep upgrading your learning level. We have a very active customer support system to help you with any queries or technicalities. Due to different time zones worldwide, we offer our services 24/7, so that the students from all over the world can benefit from it. So, enroll yourself with us without any second thoughts because we will make you learn your favorite language according to your needs and requirements, and that too in the shortest possible time period. Our teaching method is fun-loving and entertaining, which keeps the students going online while sitting at their homes in front of their laptop screens.