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French Language Course

French Language Course

French is an essential language for international communication. It is the second most popular language after English and the sixth widely spoken language globally. With over 220 million speakers, it is not only considered the language of design and travel. Still, it is also a primary all-around job-friendly as France being the world’s fifth-largest economy. It is a significant dialect that is useful both globally and in the United States. French is the primary language of over 75 million people worldwide. If you wish to learn French from the bottom up, you’ve come to the right place.

Beginner Level Course:

At the beginner’s level, students learn four necessary French skills i.e., reading, writing, speaking, and listening by following a “Communicative Language Teaching” approach. They exercise multiple activities to practice speaking French, including listening, modeling, and speaking. The following are some of the main objectives of the beginner’s level.

  • Grow listening skills to comprehend the local speakers
  • Enhance terminologies on a variety of everyday topics for accessible communication
  • Able to express pure feelings in French, such as greeting, asking for help, arguing about a topic, explaining your state of mind to a specialist, etc.

Intermediate Level Course:

The transition from Beginner to Intermediate French means a successful end of one chapter and a new beginning of another in your language learning journey. Your hard work will create meaningful communication with others and allow you to hone your skills in ways you’ve never seen before. Following are some of the objectives of the intermediate level:

  • Must be able to use the three main past tenses including French imperfect (imparfait), passé-composé, and Plus-que-parfait for varying situations like recounting memories, discussing an event or speaking about work experiences
  • Ideally able to pronounce correct sounds.
  • Proficient in using time expressions to specify the order of past events

Advanced Level Course:

Advanced French courses are designed for students who can speak fluent French. They are applicable for students with an extensive vocabulary, conversational expressions, and knowledge of all standard grammar rules in French, along with the ability to express themselves spontaneously without searching for phrases. The following are some of the objectives of the advanced level course.

  • Mainly focuses on communication and comprehension skills
  • Centered on oral expression and cultural knowledge
  • Speak eloquently and fast and able to comprehend language

Conversation Course:

This course is for everyone who wants to learn how to converse in French. If you’ve never learned French before, then it is not a matter to worry because our audio classes would be enough for you to learn and speak French and make fluent conversations on your holiday or business trip. Our objectives are:

  • To help you with the language problem faced in foreign countries.
  • Provide your transcripts and guides that can be carried during your trip.
  • Make you learn French to a level that you have a good conversation.

Business Course:

This course has been prepared for adults to help them develop a sense of communication carried in the business world. Our oral communication exercises will help you become a pro in Business French, and you’ll be fluent enough to use it regularly. Our objective for making you opt for a business course is the following:

  • Make you familiar with the kind of vocabulary used in the industry and market.
  • Teach you how to deal with current affairs by reading French news.
  • Grab more opportunities in the professional world.

Grammar Course:

Our well designed French Grammar Course will help you to learn various aspects of French grammar. It usually works well for intermediate and beginner French learners. You will learn:

  • French Nouns
  • French Pronouns
  • French Verbs
  • French Conjugation
  • French Adjectives, etc.

Kid’s Course:

Our well-structured course for your kid will help him learn the French language with the help of multiple activities and games devised by our instructors, especially for kids, keeping in mind their thought processes and skills.