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Arabic Language Course

Arabic Language Course

Arabic is one of the most spoken languages in the world today. That is why more and more people are going out master this language so that they can speak this language fluently while having a firm hold on its grammar and vocabulary.

Are you confused about finding the perfect site for learning this language? We’ll pause your struggle here and offer you a variety of courses that will give you a great insight into the Arabic language. At Languagequest, you can design your customized learning plan with you, and we will lead you accordingly alongside the level you choose. Our daily reports will keep you on track, and you’ll not lose interest. For a personalized plan, we can schedule your lessons according to your availability. If you’re interested in joining a live class session, you’re most welcome to enroll for that too. The choice is yours.

What are the different types of courses offered for the Arabic language?

Business Arabic

An Arabic business course offers a comprehensive overview of the Arabic language. If you want to land in a professional market in an Arab country, then you must master this course. It will not only help you learn this language, but students will be taught about techniques and ways to communicate and deal with their fellow beings in the Arab world. Students who take up this course, usually know the basics of the language and then this course helps them learn the intricate parts of it. Learn business Arabic phrases and words so that you can develop well-structured sentences.

Conversational Arabic

This course will teach the students to have direct conversations with the tutor. This course is based on three levels that will eventually help you speak the Arabic language daily and in your social circle too. Your teacher will also teach you to write letters, stories, and articles that will help you in your daily routine. Following are the three levels:

  • Beginner
  • This level will make you learn to speak about yourself, family, friends, and what you like.

  • Intermediate
  • At this level, you’ll be elevated to essential discussions and be able to talk about youth issues, global problems, make stories from a picture, and teach your younger ones about basic manners in Arabic.

  • Advanced
  • At an advanced level, you’ll be able to discuss more advanced topics such as pollution, globalization, and television, etc.

Egyptian Colloquial

Egyptian Arabic is one of the most famous and widely learned Arabic in the world. This course will help you learn and understand the Egyptian dialect. So are you ready to learn Arabic most naturally?

Quranic Arabic

Some people also learn Arabic to understand the Quran as it is obligatory for every Muslim to follow the teachings of the Quran. This course will help you to get knowledge about Hadith, Fiqah, Philosophy, and other minute teachings of the Quran and Islam. This course is mainly planned for students who are interested in seeking Islamic knowledge.

Modern Standard Arabic

At this level, you will be taught three different courses: teachings of Quran and Islamic Literature, Literary and cultural works of the history, and much more. You know that there’s no place better than Languagequest for you to learn the Arabic language online with utmost ease and dedicated teachers.